Renovating your old home or building would require not only the basic house but also constructing a garage to park your vehicles or serve as your storage room. Choosing the type of garage door material is essential as it protects your car as well as your items from different climatic conditions as well as aluminium garage doors polokwane prevents unauthorized individuals from entering your areas.

Garage doors come in different materials. Although wood is popular, steel, fiberglass, aluminium, convertible top, glass and wood composites are also preferred by most homeowners. Cost, maintenance and safety are just three factors that affect most homeowners’ buying decision when it comes to purchasing the material they use for their garage along with other factors as well.

Material Type

The most popular door materials are wood or wood blend garage doors. These doors are produce of several wood types such as fir, cedar or “luan” and are folded together to build layers. Homeowners who are interested in having a traditional or classic style home prefer wood as their door material. Although wood might require homeowners to repaint the doors every few years or so, the charm and traditional style appeal of wood doors are something that many owners find hard to resist.

While wood doors add appeal and charm to any house, there are some problems with having these particularly when one lives in a lower area or where huge amounts may occur frequently. Most doors made of wood have rotten bottom sections due to experience of floodwater and some may also get rotten or sag from wear and tear. Excess weight due to the ingestion of water also tends to make wood doors heavier.

For those who are averse with having to do repainting or live in a heavy flooded area, aluminium frame doors are ideal as these eliminate the problem of rust that most steel doors are exposed to. Aluminium is also lightweight and durable it’s the same ideal especially for those who find it difficult to lift heavy objects. Though aluminium will not get rotten, it is also costly compared to steel doors; however, they are cheaper than wood doors. Modern concepts and designs can also help homeowners to simulate or customize their aluminium doors to look like wood doors without the added expense.

Steel doors are ideal for homeowners who require little maintenance but need durability and energy efficiency. Most steel doors can be covered which is advantageous for those who lives in chillier climates. These door types are also pre-painted so as to complement the overall look of your home as well. One disadvantage of steel doors however is that the price depends on the thickness of the door that one wants and the thicker it is, the higher priced it becomes.