There are 2 types of sites that single women looking for men can go to, however, one is far superior than the other. But it is ultimately up to you which one you will choose, that chivmen offers you the best chance locating that man for you. The sites in question are generalized sites, and specific interests/goal sites. We will compare, you will make the decision.

General Site: Is focused to a wide variety of people, from all walks of life.

Specific Site: Is always more specific to who it provides.

: Military Life

: Women seeking Men

: Men Seeking Woman

And most times, the person it provides, is the one who gets to use the service for free. For the most part anyway. As there are always 2 sides to each side, one side usually pays, the other gets it for free.

General Site: There are a lot more scams and fake people on general free for all sites, leading to people being beguiled into love, and then have everything taken from them in the end.

Specific Site: The more specific a web page is, the more secure it usually is, as only people with certain qualities can join them. And for the most part, these are paid sites.

General Site: There is a lot of people on these sites, which does give you more visitors to meet, which should mean a reasonable chance of finding someone for you.

Specific Site: These sites only want people from certain walks of life. This gives them a better success proportion when compared to a generalized site, even though there are fewer people, they are people who share common goals and interests.

As you can see, these sites are different, and give you are a single women looking for men, then you might want to look for a site that provides you, rather than a free for all general site. You will have better chances locating those men for you, while not having to shift through so many. Sure, there are less people, but they want what you want, and it makes it so much easier that way.