If you are interested in Mining Ethereum, you are in the right place. By following this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about Ethereum mining. Hope you already know what Ethereum is and how it works from our previous What is Ethereum guide. Let’s start by looking at why we need this type of mining in the first place.

So where is all this mining taking place and where is the ether coming from? Well, your computer solves math problems to make sure no one is transacting on the Ethereum network that is not true. If your computer solves the problem, you will be rewarded. And it’s called mining. Everyone has a chance to solve these problems and claim rewards.

Brief explanation of Ethereum mining.

The Ethereum network has its own blockchain. All transactions made with Ethereum must be approved by miners. This is why the Ether you send someone takes a while to reach them. The transaction must be verified and placed on the Ethereum blockchain. This corroboration process is called proof of work. It is your work as a miner to do sure no one delusion.

To ensure that the transactions are valid, miners solve complex mathematical equations. When a miner solves this equation, he says to all the other miners, “Hi, got it! I found the number we’ve been looking for all along” in nice computer language.

All other miners verify that this number is correct and if 51% agree that it is correct, a new block is added to the blockchain. This new block will contain all the transactions that have now been verified and the miner who found the number will be rewarded! Then the miners begin to solve a new math problem to confirm another block of transactions.

What do I need to mine Bitcoin?

The main tool for ETH Mineris the Linzhi Phoenix  hardware. A new Linzhi Phoenix device can cost from hundreds of dollars to $ 10,850. But the price of mining hardware is only a fraction of the price.

Today, almost everyone uses this device for bitcoin mining. With this device you can perform bitcoin mining in the shortest possible time. Since this is a profitable and challenging endeavor, you need to keep going by seeing and listening well.

Ethereum mining competition heated up a bit, although the second-largest blockchain after market coverage has begun the formal process of completely eliminating its dependence on the industry.

linzhiasics, the China-based mining company linzhiasics.com, has started rolling out a new Ethereum ASIC miner called Phoenix, reportedly three times more powerful than the best options available today. As reported by linzhiasics, the journey began producing a more powerful and efficient Ethash ASIC miner two years ago by Chen Min, a former chief technology officer at mining giant Canaan.

The Linzhi Phoenix is premier high performance ETH ASIC. Mining at 2600mh/s +/- 5% with only 3000W power consumption.

Ethereum mining removal

The new product comes as the Ethereum network has embarked on a technical transition from a proof-of-work consensus mechanism to a proof-of-stake. This process began with the launch of Beacon Chain. This chain acts as the central leader of the new blockchain network, which uses coin deposits as a means to secure the network called “strike” on mining.

Where can I buy Linzhi Phoenix eth miner?

We are proud to present you the newest and most powerful Ethash miner on the market. After 2 years of development, we have finally reached the point where we offer Linzhi Phoenix publicly. Advanced architecture gives you the most cost-effective performance on the market. The miner can reach a hash rate of more than 2600 MH / s with only 3000 W per. Hours of energy consumption.

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