Top 7 Reasons Why You Need to Use a bitcoin Payment Processo:

Top 7 bitcoin Payment Processo for Merchants CoinPayments. CoinPayments is an unparalleled and free scalable enterprise payment gateway for merchants accepting almost all forms of currencies. With Coinpayments, you are able to bitcoin payment processor accept over 1480+ currencies including Bitcoin, Monero, ether and others. They also offer several pre-designed shopping cart modules which you may use for your online store or perhaps you may even code it yourself.

Immediate confirmation of receipt and transfer. One of the unique aspects of using a bitcoin payment processor is that it provides instant confirmation of receipt and transfer. This means you will receive payments into your verified account almost instantly. Furthermore, this feature of a quick, real-time transfer makes you more competitive in the market.

Convenience. Since most payment processors such as PayPal are based on credit cards, they are often inconvenient for people with less than perfect credit ratings. One of the advantages of using alfacoins, however, is that they don’t require any credit checks at all. All you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to go. Thus, you eliminate the hassle and frustration of dealing with traditional transaction processors.

Long-term solution for global retailers. Coinuate is among the best cryptocurrency payment gateways and retailers today. This open-source ecommerce platform provides flexible solutions for accepting payments in a wide range of currencies. Simply put, it has everything you need to succeed in the e-commerce industry-from accepting debit and credit cards, to electronic checks and alfacoins.

Cost-effective. Unlike other gateways available today, bitpay charges a flat transaction fee. No hidden costs, no annual fees or commission. You will be able to see the invoice right away, which will allow you to make an informed decision about your future transactions with biopsy. Its minimal cost and zero annual fees will ensure that bitpay delivers on its promise to secure and simplify its users’ cash flow.

Versatile. Many other gateways offer a limited number of coins for their users to choose from. This limitation makes your options limited when you are deciding which digital currency is most suitable for your business. With a bitcoin payment processor, however, you get the option to switch out your coins according to the current exchange rate between different currencies. You also get to choose how fast you want to receive and send these funds. By having this kind of versatility, your customers can be assured that their transaction with you is safe and secure.

Accepting bitcoins as a payment method gives businesses a unique opportunity to gain an edge over others in terms of market perception. As more people embrace bitcoins and other cryptocolorals, businesses will thrive to take advantage of this trend. If you want to use this payment method to make sales online, set up an account with a well known bitcoin provider like bitpay. Get started today and take advantage of the new wave of possibilities for accepting payments in this highly volatile market.

Cost-Effective. For some time, people have been accepting payments through PayPal, a company that is not only expensive for smaller businesses but for individual buyers as well. With the rise of the decentralized nature of bitcoins, it is now possible for merchants to accept payments via PayPal as well. Through a payspacelv account, any merchant can easily set up an account with a payment service provider that will take care of all the work involved in accepting payments in this way.

Convenient. There are a number of payment service providers that are accessible for both small and large retailers online. This gives a lot of freedom for merchants to set up an account with a payment gateway that will allow them to accept funds from any source that will pass through the payment rails. Through using a cryptocoin like bitcoin, it is also possible to cut down on unnecessary expenses for both parties.

Added Bonus. In addition to cutting down on costs for both the parties involved, the use of the service is made possible through the use of the bitcoin protocol. There are a number of advantages to using the bitcoin protocol aside from cutting down on expenses. These include faster processing of payments, security improvements and the removal of geographical barriers as well as the adoption of new technologies that are made available through the use of these currencies.

As more merchants to incorporate the use of the bitcoin payment processors, there is a stronger need for the need for a competent and well-established payment methods provider. The introduction of bitcoin wallet technology has led to improvements in security measures for both the buyer and seller as well as the entire network. In fact, the latest developments have made it even easier for one to set up a pool of funds and send payments out to other users via the bitcoin protocol. This has made it even easier for merchants and buyers to make use of the most convenient payment methods available.