Becoming a parent doesn’t mean that you have to kiss away your active lifestyle. New parents who enjoy the outdoors and like being mobile with child have found the answer nowadays child carrier backpack for 2 year old in this child carrier back packs. But which one is right for you? There are a lot of different alternatives out there but don’t buy more of a pack than you need. Here are a few considerations.

First, ask yourself how often and to what extent you’ll be using the pack. Are you thinking of taking your child on extended hikes and eventually a few overnight camp trips or are you just needing a pack to cruise to the park or around town. Answering this question should determine if you need a frame type bag or a smaller frame-less baby carrier.

Second, consider the front pack option. I have four kids. All of them started out their adventures with dad in a front pack. There are some good ones out there and the best way to explain them is that the child sits in the front like a kangaroo baby. This is a really good option when your child is younger and barely holding their head up. I dedicated to a front pack first and then my kids graduated into the bag style. It costs a little more, but I highly recommend it.

Another consideration worth mentioning when you’re studying back packs is the self-standing feature. I’ve noted it invaluable to be able to remove the pack with the child in it and set them in the ground for a second while I assisted to something else. The back packs with this option are very stable.

Although the frame-less back packs are a little less inexpensive, don’t rule out a lighter version thinking you aren’t planning to accomplish this much hiking. Around town, they are great! As always, price and function play a major deciding role too.

Escaping there with your child is very rewarding. Select the right child carrier that fits your needs and you’ll enjoy it until your child no longer needs it. Wow, and re-sale value on child carriers is pretty good! Good luck!