Today it is really hard to know for sure if a product is really what it claims to be. Among other products in the market Innova remains the holistic food pet parents can still trust. If one looks back, as new supplements and artificial chemicals have been introduced to the pet food market, one can see that Natura continued with its Harga Kijang Innova of producing Innova dog food using only natural ingredients. It might not save you money, but in the end, it’s your pet’s health that matters.

Each of Innova pet products combines ingredients from all five food groups to ensure a truly holistic meal. Ingredients like protein-rich chicken, turkey and beef, calcium-packed cottage cheese, and wholesome fruits, vegetables and grains – all providing the essential vitamins and minerals your pet’s lifestyle demands. Plus, essential fats and oils are added to improve your pet’s skin and coat while reducing allergies and improving his immune system.

If you are looking for opinion about whether to use or not Innova dog food, then I’d like to invite you to check it out by yourself. It is indeed a very good dog food. But when you start giving it to your dog, try to mix first the old food with the new food, so your dog’s digestive system can adjust to the change. Make sure you buy the correct food depending if you have a puppy, an adult or a senior dog. That way the food chunks will be more appropriate for your pet. That ‘s one of the benefits of a serious food manufacturer – there is an appropriate label for each dog size and age.

So in order to switch over gradually to the Innova dog food, mix in the new food 25% for a few days, then 50% new, then 75% new food and then 100% . Usually it takes a week or so for a healthy transition. Always look at your dog mood and behavior – if it’s happy and joyful, then everything is fine. And if its excrements look OK (forgive me for being direct with this), then you’re doing a great job of the transition to Innova dog food.