If you want to be successful in online poker game, there are some procedures you need to practice and follow so that more pits can be won. If you avoid some of these online poker game mistakes, you will have an upper hand over your opponents.

  1. Distraction: If you actually want to win a poker game, you need to concentrate on your game. Paying a good attention to your game is a major key to your success. It is advisable when playing at home, the TV, phone and radio should be turned off so that they will not cause you any distraction while playing the online poker game. Always make sure you play with the santai poker concentration you can get and avoid anything that can cause distraction so that you will not leave your game to luck. When you leave your game to luck that’s where you will lose out. If you are a newbie of online poker game, it is advisable to handle 3 – 4 games at a time, with that you can concentrate on your game without mistakes.
  2. Don’t play above your limit: Don’t let greed step into your mind, even when the competition is tough just take it calm. Stick to a regular limit, after mastering that limit you can then move on to a higher game limit.
  3. Don’t talk too much: Never waste time in talking to your opponents. This will give players a look into your personality and can therefore reveal your true playing style to them. Avoid talking too much because it can distract you and possibly let you make mistakes.
  4. Don’t make enemies: If you make enemies in this game, your enemies will gun for you. So, it is a good bet that you just keep your calm and don’t say anything to your opponents when you win a pot.
  5. Auto play function: When this button is in use, it is being used at the cost of your poker chips. Since online poker players are separated by hundreds of miles, one of the only signals in an online poker game is the duration player takes before acting on his hand.

The accepted formula is

Delay in check = weakness, Instantaneous check = weakness, Instantaneous call = strength, Quick bet = strength

The first formula tells us the psychology of the online poker game, while the other three are based on auto play button.

  1. Don’t show your card: It is not a good practice to show your cards for this can put others on tilt and make them less confident.