So many girls and woman who have a crush on a guy cannot make any move and feel almost frozen in front of Niteflirtsignin him. They just do not know what to do. They are afraid it may be too much or too little, or just give the wrong signals. Well, the following are super easy flirting steps which will dramatically turn the tables in your favour:

Make Eye Contact with Him

It’s amazing how often women can’t make proper eye contact with a guy. Yes, the tendency is to look at him and quickly look away. Everybody does that! What you need to do is make eye contact, keep the eye contact for a few seconds and smile at him. Then, when you two are talking, make frequent eye contact and keep it for several seconds. He’ll get the hint without question but it will not be too obvious nor too intrusive. The perfect first step!

Small Touches

When you two are talking, you can make a seductive flirtatious move by touching him, occasionally, in a delicate way, as if it completely by chance. So gently touch his arms, or his hands, then move your hands away so that it looks like a chance occurrence rather than you making a strong move towards him. This way he’ll have a chance to do the same to you and enjoy this highly erotic (yet very delicate and not overpowering nor ‘desperate’) way of flirting. Another great way is to touch him

Talk to Him Softly

Don’t yell, don’t scream, don’t go on and on about anything (otherwise you’ll bore him and he’ll flee) but rather speak to him softly. It’ll be a great way to make him want to come closer to you to hear you properly and that will give him a great chance to subconsciously enjoy your pheromones (seduction hormones).

Enjoy Every Moment

Even if this is a great strategy, don’t forget to enjoy the moment. Enjoyment can be very contagious!

Monitor Your Progress

Always check his body language for SIGNS OF ATTRACTION and monitor his behaviour towards you on a regular basis for signs he’s falling in love with you.