Stimulating the prostate can be very good for you.  Besides the obvious pleasure that your receive, regular and continuous stimulation of the prostate can help to minimize the risks associated with prostate cancer. 

The prostate gland is only found in the male body and even though it is only the size of a walnut, it is still a very important gland in the male reproductive system.  The prostate produces a fluid that helps to ensure that your sperm does not stick together during ejaculation.  The prostate also helps with your orgasm.  The prostate is located directly below the bladder and just between the base of the penis and the testicles.  It can only be accessed via the rectum.

Stimulation of the prostate can be done alone but many men also like having their partner help them out as well as it adds to the experience.  How you choose to perform your prostate stimulation is not important.  What is important however, is that it is performed correctly.  When performed incorrectly there is a risk of damaging the rectal cavity which can result in infections and even hemorrhoids.  The internal walls of the anus are very delicate and can be torn very easily so care is needed. 

You can stimulate the prostate using your fingers, your partners fingers, or by using a prostate stimulator (стимулятор простаты).  These are special devices that have been designed to stimulate the prostate correctly.  The look very similar to a large finger and have a wide base to ensure that only the required amount is inserted.

When performing a self stimulation you can use your fingers or a prostate simulator.  When using your fingers always ensure that you wear tight fitting latex gloves and plenty of water based lubricant.  Place the lubricant around the anus as well as on your fingertips.  Insert your well lubricated fingers gently into the rectum and slowly proceed until you are approximately 1 inch deep.  Move your fingers in the direction of your navel and you should fee a round bulge, roughly the size of a walnut.  This is your prostate gland.

Begin by massaging it gently with your fingers in small circular motions against the sides of the prostate gland.  This will send you into ecstasy and a mind blowing orgasm.  You should try not to rub the centre of the prostate gland and this area is hypersensitive.  The benefits of a prostate massage are very stimulating and of course you get that magnificent orgasm as well as inducing the release of seminal fluid.  You may not ejaculate every time but you will still get the immense pleasure.

If you are using a prostate stimulator you will still need to use plenty of lubricant and take your time on insertion.  The rectum is not used to have anything inserted into it so you need to ensure that you are fully relaxed.  You will begin to feel a strange sensation when you reach the prostate gland.  Prostate stimulators are often shaped like a finger with a crooked tip for maximum results.  You will need to ensure that the device is cleaned thoroughly.  You can also place a condom over the stimulator which is less time consuming and less messy. 

You should always insert your prostate stimulator slowly and gently until it touches the prostate gland.  These devices are only intended for light and medium techniques and can be moved in small circular motions.  They should never be used in a thrusting manner as that will only result in damage to your rectal passage. 

When stimulating the prostate it is not unusual to feel the urge to urinate but this is just the prostate gland being stimulating and you will get used to it.  You will begin to feel waves of excitement as you near orgasm and you will experience an orgasm so intense and so satisfying that you will want to do this again and again.