Gifting baby gift baskets are one of the best choices one can make for a new mother. However, one needs to first carefully think about what one wants to gift for the child – something bebes reborn can be used right away by the baby or something that will be useful for him or her when he or she grows up. One even has the choice of buying a special personalized package or creating the same at home.

Themes For Newborn Baby Basket

Depending upon one’s budget, one can choose from a range of themes that one can follow while selecting that perfect baby basket for the new born baby. By selecting a special theme, one will have almost as much fun putting it together as the new mom will have in opening it.

  • Diapering Essentials basket: One thing that a new mom and dad will never have in plenty are diapers. In this basket, one can start with a couple of diaper packets in a variety of sizes. However, there are lot many supplementary things that have to be placed alongside them. One may add wipes, diaper crèmes, and lotions. One needs to take care about not including any types of baby powder in the package as pediatricians strictly advise against the usage of these on babies.
  • Sleeping Baby Basket: Going according to this theme, one can include a couple of sweet lullaby cds, a couple of sweet night dresses and gowns for the baby, a soft and attractive blanket, and a cute and soft cuddly animal friend that can be tucked with the baby while he or she sleeps.
  • Toy basket: A baby will never have too many toys as babies of all ages love toys. While buying for a new born baby, one needs to choose toys which are primarily red, black or white in color. Also, one need to ensure that they are buying age appropriate toys and are not buying any that may prove to be a choking hazard for the baby.
  • Bath basket: One can even go for the theme of bath time basket while choosing the baby gift baskets. These include baby shampoos, baby soaps, lotions, crèmes, special hooded baby bath towels, and a couple of fun wash cloth puppets. To add a fun element to the basket, one can even throw in a few rubber duckies to the mix.
  • Food Time basket: This basket can be made by adding bottles, cups, baby spoons, small bowls, disposable bibs, baby cereal, disposable placemats, and many other feeding time things that will be truly useful for the parents.
  • Book Basket: One can gift a beautiful book basket too for the baby. These contain special infant friendly books made of soft plastic or tough cardboard having a lot of colorful pictures inside. These adorable books will be thoroughly enjoyed by the baby as he or she grows up.
  • Miscellaneous: Instead of going for one special theme, one can even go for a miscellaneous baby gift basket that may include an assortment of various baby supplies.