Recently, Tesla has posted one of the best profits in history and this year the firm will be shipping 500k vehicles. As long as deliveries continue to climb, the market tends to believe in the growth storey of Tesla and rejects conventional valuation ratios. Therefore, even for the current price, we conclude that shortening the stock of the company makes no sense because the berry has no fog in Tesla.

Recently Tesla NASDAQ: TSLA posted one of the best revenue results and this year it is on target to supply 500k vehicles. Given its good success in the last few months, Tesla’s stock shortening is a very dangerous undertaking, in which we are not prepared to take part, even if the bulk of our portfolio consists of short positions with an appealing risk / return ratio. In this post, we would like to discuss why the market tends to rely on value growth and to raise stocks of the firm and why bariums don’t have a fog when it comes to Tesla.

Establishment of a power house

Tesla is now on the road to becoming a host for diverse sectors, including oil and automobiles, after years of trials and setbacks. Tesla will enable the planet to become carbon free in the coming decades and it will be able to generate increased shareholder value on the road by using its production resources to set up an environment of renewable energy goods.

At present, the car industry’s main goods account for majority of earnings, which in the near future will not change. When we move forward, though, the battery and electricity generation and storage companies within the business should expect investors to play an important role.

At present NASDAQ: TSLA vehicles are also in strong demand worldwide and the company has a 28 percent stake in the world’s EV market over the first half of the year. Tesla also had an 80 % share of the US EV market at the end of August. During the last year, 367,500 cars were delivered by the company. By the end of this year, 500,000 vehicles are on the way, and more in 2021. All this shows that Tesla matures and that while profitability and development have taken almost two decades, it finally shows positive results.

In Q3, gross sales of Tesla amounted to 8.8 billion dollars, 39 percent more year-on-year, and above the $8.3 billion street consensus. But for regulatory vehicle credits of 397 million dollars, Tesla will also have fulfilled the analysts’ demands. The Firm also produced $1.4 billion in FCF above the $1 billion consensus and raised its automotive margin to 27.7% compared to 24.1%. Taking this strong perforation into account. If you want to know more information relating to news of TSLA, you can check at

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