Before beginning your renovation, chances are high you won’t know exactly how to do everything. So you’ll need to do some research and check out at Renovasi Surabaya  to start the process.

But if you have enough time and commitment to pursue a large project like a home remodel by yourself, it will save you the most money over time.

And you might be surprised how much really helpful content there is on YouTube. You can learn every part of the process there.

This depends on the scale of your renovation and what and where your new house would be. If you just want to upgrade a room or two, replace some flooring, or maybe paint a few walls, definitely consider renovating your current home.

But, if your house has some problems with its foundation, sewer, electrical, or plumbing, those costs can add up quickly. Add them to a full kitchen and bathroom renovation, paint, siding, roof, windows, and flooring, and a new house doesn’t sound like a bad option now, does it?

But this will heavily depend on where you live. Housing prices vary across cities; buying a house in rural Utah will be much less expensive than purchasing a house in Miami, Florida.

If you’re in a state with an expensive housing market, you may want to consider hanging onto your home and doing a renovation. Also check out this list for 50 housing markets that have declined throughout 2019. If you live in one of these cities, consider remodeling your home rather than selling it.

How long does an entire house renovation take?

Remodeling your entire house is a huge project. It can take anywhere from four months to a year. To keep the process moving, always update your timeline and stay in touch with contractors, designers, and other professionals to ensure everything is moving forward.

Or, if you’re conducting more of the renovation yourself, make a plan and stick to it! Maybe devote a few hours a day on the weekends, an hour a day on the weekdays, or whatever your schedule allows.

Can you live in a house during renovation?

Yes, you can, if you don’t mind the added mess. This is a very cost-effective solution. But be aware of any health hazards, such as paint fumes or excess dust. Who knows? Living in your house during renovation may motivate you to finish it faster.

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