If you love hall frescoes, dusky extravagance, and unblemished sparks on colossal chandeliers, Silk Road is the place for you. The dazzling entrance evokes feelings of antiqueness, taking you to expeditions silk road economic belt from patches of the Asian kitchenware continent all the way through to the Mediterranean sea. It is a fashionable bar scene in Melbourne, evoking influences from all over the world. Need to escape the world for the night? Come to Silk Road and enter several realms all at the one stretch.

Silk Road features eight bars, including a wine and cheese room, and a cognac, champagne bottle, mixture and caviar room. Elegant women, expensive cognacs, and enlightening conversations- Silk Road is a frequent night out for Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn if it existed in the 1950’s. There are no entry fees to stride into Silk Road. All that is expected is beautiful attire along with a frivolous smile. The earth floor offers comfort and space with the Venetian Bar positioned in the centre, under the grand chandeliers. This level also includes a dance area, whereby the crowd sways to chill-out tracks and urban dance songs.

The mezzanine level is located on the 2nd level. This level allows staring at the crowd from the top; while being ravelled by the atmosphere of hazelnut liquors and mango margaritas. It includes two separate bars; each bar has their own theme and drinks specialty. One of the key advantages of Silk Road is the quick service!

Private luxury packages are located on the final level of Silk Road; The Neptune and Bacchus Packages give you a delightful possibility to enjoy the entire view of the venue, while having the chance to engage in private gatherings. These packages offer elite services; they also offer exceptional selections for personal desires. Each room caters for approximately one 40 guests, the rooms are also equipped with their own bar and DJ. One of the amazing reasons for having this venue is the technical mixture menus and the separate champagne bottle and wine bars. The St George Wine Room encapsulates an iconic-vintage style nose. It includes a unique selection of international wines, as well as cheeses to match any selection you desire. For those who enjoy a cigar or a cigarette there is an enclosed smoking area located on the ground floor.