Once you reach intermediate level Spanish the reading material available becomes a lot more interesting and mentally stimulating. You can start reading the kind of thing you would do in English such as Spanish blogs, the Spanish news and even Spanish novels. This article is a boronia to the best reading resources available to the intermediate or advanced level Spanish speaker.


There is a huge range of different Spanish blogs to choose from and probably the easiest way to find them is to search google.es for ‘blogs sobre’ followed by the topic of your choice.

The advantage of blogs is that the articles are slightly easier than reading a novel in terms of vocab and grammar; the material is made interesting with more video and images used than traditional Spanish news reports and the comments provide an insight into more informal and opinionated Spanish debate. Also you can pick exactly the Spanish topic you want and go into great depth in terms of material and vocabulary.

I would recommend Elle Blogs Espanoles for the fashion lovers out there, Alt 1040 for the tech geeks and for a bit of everything look no further than Manga Verde.

Spanish News

Reading the Spanish news is also really useful to expand your vocab on a variety of themes and to learn a journalistic style of Spanish writing.

There are a great range of newspaper and online news websites available – El Pais and El Mundo and Spanish newspapers providing exhaustive information on current affairs – I try to get online and read at least the headlines each day to keep in touch with what is actually important right now; in this way you know the Spanish vocab and writing style are both going to be incredibly useful to you in the future.