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Metal Galvanized Roofing Sheets is made from steel or aluminum and can be installed to repair or replace a damaged or old roof. These sheets are durable, strong, long lasting, and rust resistant. Moreover, it has a longer life span than its wooden counterpart. The main benefits of this metal are that it’s economical, water-resistant, nha thep tien che requires minimal maintenance.

The following discussion provides the theoretical weight and volume of each of the metal galvanized roofing sheet classifications based upon their application. In all the classes, the main features are galvanized steel threads which provide high tensile strength and corrosion resistance. This metal is known to have very good fire retardant properties and is known to resist extreme weather conditions. The galvanized roofing sheet classifications are as follows:

The galvanized steel sheet class includes galvanized sheets with steel threads of different size in combination with one or more other types of steel. The steel galvanized sheet class contains galvanized steel sheets with mild steel threads of different size in combination with one or more other types of steel. The second type of metal galvanized roofing sheet is galvanized wooden boards which are fabricated from recycled wood. The wooden boards are available in several sizes and as per their requirements, one can purchase them.

The theoretical weight of each metal galvanized roofing sheet is given in two categories, light and heavy duty. The light duty aluminum sheet is of very light weight. This type of corrugated sheet is not suitable for use where the wear and tear factor are very high. For such situations only the heavy duty aluminum sheet will serve your purpose.

Another difference between the galvanized wooden board and the galvanized corrugated sheet is that the galvanized corrugated sheet has larger space for roll forming the components. It is manufactured in this way to provide a smooth surface finish and to give maximum strength to the rolled edges of the corrugated panel. If the space within the panels is filled up with air then the internal stresses will increase beyond the level of stress strength of the corrugated panel. The increasing internal stresses will result in premature rusting of the metal roofing.

The cold rolled steel sheet, also known as flat hinged corrugated metal roofing is the mainstay product for the hot air insulation systems. The space in the corrugated metal roof is covered with insulation material and the moisture collects behind the insulation. The moisture will eventually heat up due to the expansion and contractions of the hot air and causes it to collect in the attic. As the collected moisture heats up it condenses and forms a mold.