There are many uses for the Apple iPad, and what ups the cool factor of this clever gadget is how well it carries out these functions. One such function that has grabbed many people’s attention is the way the Apple iPad reads and displays comic books.

That’s right! Comic issues from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image and other publishers, starring world renowned superheroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Superman, Batman, the Mighty Thor, the Avengers, the Justice League of America, and the likes.

It seems that the Apple iPad’s screen is perfect for displaying comic art. It’s just the right size. And the อ่านการ์ตูน of each page jump out from the screen to mesmerize the readers.

So fantastic is the Apple iPad’s capability to display comic books that major publishers like Marvel and DC have rethought their distribution strategy and have included digital delivery as part of their publication schedule.

What does this mean for the iPad user? Thousands upon thousands of comics he can read and enjoy!

And what does this mean for the sequential art industry? A renaissance of sorts that hasn’t been experienced since the so-called Silver Age of the medium, heralded by the coming of the modern day Flash.

How can a user read comic books on his iPad?

Basically, a digital comic can come in 3 file formats. These are CBR, CBZ and PDF. Of these formats, CBR and CBZ are the more popular.

There are many iPad apps that can read these comic book formats. Some, like Comic Zeal 4 and Comic Viewer, can be bought from the iTunes Store. Others, like Cloudreaders, can be downloaded for free.

The best option, however, is an iPad app called Stanza. It is primarily an eBook reader designed to read PDF files. But amazingly, this iPad app can also read CBR and CBZ quite well. Furthermore, Stanza is available for free from the iTunes Store. You can readily download it anytime that’s convenient for you. Given the amazing value and functionality of this iPad application, however, you might already have it in your iPad.

There are select websites on the internet where you can download comic book files in CBR, CBZ and even PDF formats. Once you have the right application, your iPad will be ready to read these comic book files, and you can enjoy the funnies without having to worry about damaging its pages or its spine and ruining its mint condition.