If you have been trying to get pregnant for some time, you may have felt anxious about not getting any favorable results each passing month. It can be disappointing when other people happily announce their pregnancy while you are still struggling with your goal.

However, you don’t have to worry, as plenty of couples experience conception problems in the beginning. This article will impart some helpful tips on how to get pregnant naturally.

Folic Acid

Some pregnancies are upset by neural tube defect, a condition that naturally affects some תנוחות סקס. One way to avoid neural tube defect is by taking 0.5mg of folic acid every day. Folic acid should be taken daily by women trying to conceive 3-4 months before the desired month of pregnancy. Ask your doctor about it if you are uncertain. Making sure that you are generally healthy before trying to conceive is a good preparation on how to get pregnant.


When couples feel that the only reason to have sex is they want to have a baby, sex becomes a chore that they need to finish. And this just won’t work. Couples should enjoy sex and it must happen naturally. You can try to spice things up with your lovemaking by trying a different room each night or by incorporating other things that your partner loves. You can also try making love using candles as your source of light to make everything more romantic. Keeping sex as enjoyable and thrilling is one way on how to get pregnant.


A woman is said to be most fertile 5 days prior her ovulation day. Try to have sex during these days, making sure that you don’t overdo it. You should make sure that you place an ample amount of time in between intercourse so that the man can have enough time to produce sufficient sperm. This will ensure that your egg will have the greatest possibility of fertilization. Men with low sperm count should be given around 48 hours to recover before they are expected to produce enough amounts of sperm.

Persistence is a key attitude that will help you conceive easily. Staying determined is a good way on how to get pregnant. You have to stay persistent and shouldn’t lose hope if you still can’t see results after some time of trying.

When trying to get pregnant, you should take note of what foods you eat. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables will increase your chances in improving your reproductive health. Also, you should avoid harmful substances such as nicotine and coffee. These substances are shown to have linkages to fertility problems. If you are a coffee lover, you can try reducing your daily intake or maybe you can switch to decaf.

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